Welcome to Mainstream Orlando!

Mainstream Orlando is the youth ministry of Faith Assembly of God in Orlando, Florida. Mainstream is made up of four ministries; Rapids (Middle School), Xstream (High School), The Rush (Middle/High School) and The Voice (College Age).
Founded in 1997, Mainstream Orlando exists to help young people personally experience God and learn how to carry out His purpose for their lives. At Mainstream, young people develop incredible friendships, meet positive leaders and form a community of young people that make a difference in their world.

Each week our ministries are lead into the presence of God by our worship team, Mainstream Worship. Mainstream Worship serves not only our ministries here, but also travels all over the country leading worship for services, camps, and retreats. Click HERE for more information and for booking.

There are lots of ways to get involved at Mainstream Orlando. Take a look around the website and contact us to learn more.